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Reproduction Fees

A number of duplication services are available at the Tyrrell Historical Library. Some restrictions may apply to the duplication of materials due to the condition of the materials or due to copyright concerns. If you need copies of archival materials, please contact a staff member for assistance as these items usually have special consideration and you will be required to read and sign a "Duplication Request Form." Additional fees and concerns apply if images are to be used for publication and display.

Photocopying: A photocopy machine is available in the Genealogy Reading Room for use by patrons for a fee. Photocopies are 15 cents per page and the photocopier can take $5 bills, $1 bills, quarters, dimes, and nickels.

Digital Cameras: Patrons are permitted to use digital cameras to take photographs of library materials as long as they follow copyright restrictions (there is no fee). Patrons are permitted to use digital cameras to take photographs of archival materials, but there is a $5 fee for each image taken. The following policies apply to both library and archival materials:

  1. Staff will examine the materials and reserve the right to deny a digital camera copy request if:
    • Copying could potentially harm fragile documents.
    • Donor restrictions prohibit copying of the materials.
    • Statutory restrictions on public access prohibit copying materials.
  2. Patrons must provide their own digital camera.
  3. No flash photography is permitted.
  4. Digital photographs may only be taken at designated research room locations.

Digital Image Ordering: Digitized images can be sent to patrons on request. One scanned image at 300dpi resolution or lower is $10.00. Images will be provided to patrons on CD or as an email attachment with a cost of $1.00.

Photographic Printing: Prints of photographs are available for purchase according to the following fee schedule:

Type Laser Prints InkJet Prints
8x10" black and white, plain paper $5.00 $2.00
8x10" black and white, photo paper $7.50 $7.50
8x10" color, plain paper $7.50 $7.50
8x10" color, photo paper $10.00 $10.00

Microfilm Duplication: There is a microfilm self service station available in the Genealogy Reading Room where patrons can print out individual pages from a microfilm reel. The cost is 25 cents per page and the machines takes quarters, dimes, and nickels. We cannot duplicate whole microfilm reels at this time.

Faxing: Some documents can be faxed at the cost of $1.00 per page. Due to the fragility of some of our documents, not all items can be sent by this method.

Alternative Photographic Forms: Patrons needing reproductions of videotapes, cassette tapes, DVDs, or other non-standard types of audiovisual materials, for which the Tyrrell Historical Library does not have equipment, can still acquire these items. We will take the item to an outside company to reproduce the materials. Please note that there is a twenty dollar handling fee plus any charges from the outside company used for this service.

Postage Rates: We can send photocopies of items upon request. In addition to any copying costs, postage rates apply according to the following fee schedule:

Number of Pages Cost
1-25 Pages $1.50
26-50 Pages $2.50
51-100 Pages $3.50
Over 100 Pages $2.00 + Shipping Charges


If duplicated items are to be used for publication or display, additional fees apply and patrons will need to fill out a "Fees for Publication and Display Form." View our guidelines for Publication and Display here.

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